Strategic Marketing

From vision
to brand

The starting point for creating and maintaining dynamically relevant and engaging branding is the application of thorough analysis, and strategic planning.
Target Market Environment / Trends Investigation
We examine the facts using a systematic, analytical approach to arrive at an undistorted view of the current situation in your strategic market. This allows the setting of appropriate future marketing and communication objectives, while preparing for predicted norms and upcoming threats.
Internal and External Marketing Audit
This gives us a real sense of your brand’s strengths and challenges in relation to the competition and competing brands’ positioning, identity and promotion. This understanding will inform the differentiation strategy and sustainable market positioning of your brand that will win your target market audience and outstrip your competitors.
Market Research
As part of our holistic marketing services, we deploy a variety of research methods in collaboration with our market research expert partners. These methods include in-depth consumer interviews, group discussions, as well as other qualitative and quantitative market research tools. The model applied in analyzing the results will be according to your brand’s current and dynamic marketing strategy and communication needs.
Market Segmentation and Targeting
We identify and clearly define the key market segments for your brand and pinpoint the ones you should strategically target in your marketing activities and communication. Based on our in-depth analysis and assessment of target market segments, we craft a focused, coherent and impactful method to reach the appropriate audience with the appropriate key relevant messages.
Brand Market Positioning
We isolate and highlight the key branding elements which differentiate your brand from the competition. Clear brand positioning is vital for a strong brand identity, marketing equity and value in today’s market environment and thus, a make or break factor in strategic planning, offline and online communication and activities.
Marketing Strategy
Whether your strategic goals include higher sales through brand promotion, retaining or attracting new customers or establishing a competitive advantage in the market, it is vital to apply a solid, concrete and aligned marketing strategy. Our wide and in-depth experience in the provision of holistic marketing services - across products and services in various industries, forB2C and B2B companies of different size – enables our clear and systematic approach in the design, development and application of a winning marketing strategy.
Communication strategy
Having worked in the marketing, communication and promotion for several class-leading brands across different industries and markets, we have built through the years insight, knowledge and experience. These enable us to develop thoughtful, innovative and creative marketing and communication strategies that will drive your brand’s growth and development into the future. Creative communication based on strategic marketing planning is at the core of what we do and are passionate about.
360 Marketing Plan & Marketing Campaign Development
Whether you are considering a full-scale holistic marketing campaign, the launch of a new service that will help you stand out from competition or the creation of a new Instagram account, we always deliver, irrespective of the budget brackets. We expertly handle the strategic development, costing, execution,budget management, review and evaluation of your holistic marketing plan,including offline and online advertising, communication and sales activation.
Digital / Online Marketing
Abreast of developments in the digital marketing landscape, we are in a position to manage your online marketing campaigns and brand promotion. This includes web design and development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword search and PPC (Pay per click) campaigns, CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing), social media, analytics, content development, management and engagement — through inspiration, entertainment and education. All these in close collaboration with our specialized online marketing expert partners, maximizing the continuously monitored ROI (Return on Investment) of your online advertising campaigns and socialmedia.
Media Planning
Sourcing and selecting the optimal combination of media platforms for your ad campaign is key to achieving your set marketing objectives. We devote the necessary time for research and apply the right tools to prioritize between media to achieve an efficient ROI for your advertising campaign. Importantly we have the experience and knowledge that enables us to select between platforms, depending on your business goals and marketing budget. Today, marketing is all about data and the ability to find statistically significant information within piles of statistics. The digital and social media landscape is vast and complex, and the importance of media planning and media buying in brand marketing has never been more apparent.
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