Creative Communication

From vision
to brand

We turn strategic insights into original, creative communication, helping our clients engage with their audience and stand out from the competition.
Corporate Identity
A strong brand is like a human being. It has personality. So, whether you are creating a new brand or refreshing an existing one, a powerful visual identity is an important step towards your set goals. This is the visual expression of your brand’s values and everything that makes it stand out. From the design of an impactful and memorable logo to the creation of a brand guidelines manual which will ensure consistency across each communication touchpoint, we have what it takes to create relevant, appealing and timeless solutions.
Advertising Campaigns
How do you capture your audience’s attention and get the message across? This, is at the heart of what we do. From financial products and legal services to designer clothes and cat litter, we have the cross-sector experience which enables the application of our methodology no matter which industry you are in. Ultimately, irrespective of the medium, everything starts with a strong advertising campaign concept. This will be translated in words, images and graphic design that will evoke the desired emotional response of your targeted audience – through offline and online communication.
Corporate Literature
Each time you reach your audience is an opportunity to build equity and trust - provided it is done methodically and strategically. From a simple flyer or a two-fold leaflet, to a company profile brochure, printed material remains a key marketing tool. Compelling graphic design, images, typography, colour and an appropriate tone of voice, can ensure the message is delivered in an impactful, gauged and on-brand way.
Packaging Design
Sometimes, you can judge a book by its cover. Good package design goes far beyond enclosing and protecting a product for safe transportation and distribution. The package is the face of the product and it should reflect its purpose and promise. Using the right visual language will make it stand out on a crowded shelf and, above all, be relevant and appealing to the target audience for which it is intended. Impactful packaging can add value to yourproduct as well as your brand.
Video & Animation
Whether you are considering a high budget TV ad campaign, a short corporate video & animation clip for your website or social media, saying it with sound and motion is a great way to connect and engage with your target audience. Our network of experienced script writers, video producers and animators specialize in creating content that people love, share and connect with. A process that delivers results.
A word is worth a thousand pictures. Crisp, direct, creative copywriting establishes your trustworthiness and credibility and increases brand awareness among your target market audience. The appropriate tone of voice, phrasing and cadence, capture and convey the distinctness of your brand via the most human of all forms of communication — language.
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